Mobile Massage

Mobile massage takes place in your home or location of choice! Book lymphatic, therapeutic, relaxation, or post-op massage for one or more people.

Attain a higher level of relaxation by booking a massage in the space of your choice. My mobile massage service will save you time and reduce the stress in your day.

  • Serving the Belleville area

    Mobile massages can be arranged at your home, hotel room, or at the location of an event. My service area includes the communities of Belleville, Stirling, Frankford, and Foxboro in Southern Ontario.

  • Book for one or more people

    You can book my massage services to treat more than one person at your location, such as family members at home or friends at special events like weddings or girl spa nights.

  • Massage table included

    All mobile massages are performed on my mobile massage table, which I bring to your appointment. I do not massage clients on their own beds or anywhere else, and clients require some mobility to get on and off the massage table.

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Pricing for Mobile Massage

*Rates do not include 13% HST

  • 90m

  • 75m

  • 60m


Benefits of Mobile Massage

Mobile massages offer a variety of additional benefits over and above in-clinic massage to help you get the most out of your relaxation time.

No traffic & parking headaches

Tired of dealing with traffic? Does hunting for a parking spot cause you stress? Let me do the driving and worry about the business of dealing with traffic and parking.

Enhanced comfort & privacy

Having a massage in the comfort and privacy of a familiar space like your home allows you to plan your own music, aromatherapy, and even provide oil/lotion if you want.

No rides to arrange

If you are unable to drive, have to take a taxi, or need to make arrangements to have someone drive you to a clinic, mobile massage takes the hassle out of sorting out transport.

Easier to relax after the massage

After a massage in your space it is easier to maintain a relaxed state. There’s no driving or stressful traffic to deal with, and you could even have a relaxing bath directly after!

Reasons to Book Mobile Massage

Because you’re busy

If you have a schedule that is simply too full to spare time to come into a clinic, bringing the massage to you is a time-saving option.

Because you have a family

Finding childcare can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. Allowing me to come to you ensures your children are close and cared for at home.

Because mobility is tough

From injuries to age, surgery to health issues, crutches to medication, sometimes getting to a clinic on your own can be a pain – literally.

Because you’re feeling anxious

If you feel stress or anxiety going out in public or experiencing new situations, my mobile massage can help abate those feelings within your familiar space.

Because you deserve a treat!

There doesn’t always have to be a reason for a mobile massage. Maybe you just want a special treat for you, and hey – you deserve it!

There’s no driving or stressful traffic to deal with after a mobile massage. Why not sink into a relaxing bath right after?

How It Works: The Mobile Massage Process

The mobile massage process differs slightly from my in-clinic appointments. Here’s what you can expect.


Get in touch via email or phone to make arrangements for your mobile massage session. We will discuss your location and the date you would like to book your appointment.


I will send you a health history intake form which must be completed before your scheduled appointment. You must also send a photo of your ID, such as drivers licence, passport, or age of majority card. If the address of the massage location does not match your ID a follow-up phone call or email is required.


I will call you before your scheduled massage to further discuss your needs and expectations in order to plan the best experience possible.


Full payment is charged on the day of your appointment, either on your previously provided credit card or through my mobile payment terminal. Payment can be made by Mastercard, Visa, debit, or cash.


I require approximately 15 minutes to set up before your massage starts. Ideally I require around 100 square feet to fit my table and myself, but I can make as little as 70 square feet work. I also require an electrical outlet in order to inflate the portable table.


As the massage session is taking place in your space, you are welcome to make yourself as comfortable as you like. I provide clean linens and coconut oil, but I do not provide music or extra pillows or blankets.


For your relaxation your space ideally should not allow for interruptions, including from spouses, children, and pets. But life happens!


It takes me approximately 10 minutes to clean up and leave your location. Please remember to allow this additional time after your massage for me to depart.

Top 6 Mobile Massage FAQs

  • Can you massage me if I have mobility issues?

    Yes, however before you book a massage session, you will need to have some mobility in order to navigate the massage table itself:

    • You must be fit and able to get on and off the massage table
    • You will also need to be able to turn over, or if necessary, get off/on the table to re-position
    • Mobile massages are provided on my table only.
    • I am more than happy to prop you up with pillows into a seated position for comfort.
  • What treatments can I book for a mobile massage?

    I offer the same treatments for my mobile massage service as I do for in-clinic appointments. These treatments include:

  • What is your service area for mobile massage?

    My service is available within Southern Ontario, including Belleville, Stirling, Frankford, and Foxboro. I will drive up to 20 minutes each way to come to you.

  • How do I book a mobile massage treatment? Can I book online?

    Massage treatments are booked directly through me rather than through the clinic. Online booking for mobile massage is not available. Please see my contact page for details on how to get in touch!

  • What is your mobile massage cancellation policy?

    You must provide at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule your massage appointment. Outside this 48-hour window, you will be responsible for part of the cost for late cancelling, regardless of the reason.

  • Do you offer direct billing for mobile massage treatments?

    No. However, you can submit the treatment to your insurance plan.