About Catherine

Whether you’re looking for pain relief, stress reduction, or relaxation, I’m here to provide personalized care that’s tailored to your unique needs. Let’s work together to help you feel your best!

Hi, I’m Catherine Walton, a dedicated Registered Massage Therapist with 15+ years of experience. As a therapist at We Thrive Wellness Centre in Belleville, Ontario, I’m committed to helping my clients achieve their wellness goals.

My training began in 2007 when I completed the 3000 hour RMT program at the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon, British Columbia. Today, I’m a proud member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and have a background practising in both therapeutic and spa settings.

I offer a range of treatments to my clients. My hands-on training includes Swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, connective tissue manipulation, stretching, and hydrotherapy, plus continued education courses including:

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about myself and my massage therapy practice.

You can learn more about me below, or if you’re interested in scheduling a session, click the button to book online, or feel free to call We Thrive Wellness Centre at 613-779-7277.

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Through my education, I've gained an in-depth understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology, orthopedic testing and assessment, and therapeutic exercise. By incorporating these skills into my massage therapy practice, I'm able to provide a higher level of care that can enhance the overall wellness and quality of life of my clients.

Notable Skills


I communicate clearly with my clients, ensuring that their needs and preferences are understood and met.

Care & comfort

I prioritize my clients’ comfort and well-being, using a variety of techniques and modalities to help them relax and feel at ease.


My clients trust me to provide compassionate care and support, building strong relationships based on mutual respect and empathy.


I am enthusiastic and motivated about my work as an RMT, constantly seeking opportunities to learn and improve my skills.

Key achievements

Personal background

  • Grew up in Stirling Ontario, and after a 20-year hiatus out West has returned!
  • First professional job was as a radio copywriter in Saskatoon
  • Enjoys salsa dancing and all things travel related
  • Taught English in Thailand
  • Worked as an RMT in Australia
  • Believes that coffee is the nectar of the gods