Sculptural Face Lifting

SFL is a gentle but powerful technique that lifts and relaxes facial muscles and tissues, resulting in improved health and a more calm appearance.

SFL combines facial massage, lymphatic drainage, and muscle stimulation to try and defy gravity by lifting the skin and tissue of the face and neck. By easing the tense muscles in the jaw, cheek, and forehead, I aim to lift your face and your spirits!

  • Keep up appearances

    Our faces are like road maps of our lives. Those lines and wrinkles are intriguing, reflecting our journey and choices made along the way.

    Like the rest of the body, the face, neck, and décolletage tissues change over time. Some muscles and tissues may be over or under-toned. The skin may appear lax, dull, puffy, and droopy. Lymphatic drainage and circulation slow down, collagen production drops, and inflammation and water retention increase. SFL helps to address these issues that alter our facial appearance by improving overall tissue health.

  • Focus on your concerns

    Treatment will focus on your specific areas of concern to help improve complexion and soften lines. For example, you may wish to focus on the depressed corners of the bottom lip, the nasolabial lines, or the “elevens” between the brows, or perhaps your jaw is tired and sore due to clenching.

  • Build emotional awareness

    SFL focuses on our mimic muscles, the facial muscles which express our emotions such as anger, happiness, contempt, shock, surprise and fear. Moreover, SFL aims to help create awareness of how our feelings and thoughts contribute to changes in our appearance.

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Pricing for Sculptural Face Lifting

*Rates do not include 13% HST

  • 75m

  • 60m


Benefits of Sculptural Face Lifting Therapy

Sculptural Face Lifting helps relax tense muscles, reducing stress and fatigue, and soften facial expression lines.

  • Ease tense facial muscles
  • Improve emotional awareness
  • Stimulate undertoned muscles
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Improve circulation and delivery of micronutrients
  • Reduce facial swelling
  • Decrease sinus and headache pain
  • Ease jaw tension from clenching or grinding
  • Improve connective tissue health
  • Soften facial expression lines and improve contours
  • Decrease anxiety related to dentistry with the intraoral component of SFL

Reduce puffiness

SFL reduces water retention by promoting lymphatic drainage in the neck and face. MLD drains excess fluid and cellular waste from the skin, tissues and interstitial spaces. It helps decrease inflammation, deliver micronutrients, and improve the skin and surrounding tissue's overall health, tone, and texture.

Relax tense facial muscles

Our thoughts and feelings are the postures of our faces. Like leaning forward and staring at a computer or texting for hours, facial expressions such as anxiety, anger, or annoyance become habitual. The ingrained lines between tense and furrowed brows or the corner of the mouth pulled down result in over-toned muscles. Other changes may include sagging, drooping, swelling, and lines. If you habitually clench or grind your teeth, you may find SFL beneficial in relaxing the mastication muscles, as well as pain relieving. SFL aims to work against habitual gravity and lift tissues upwards.

Taking care of YOU

As an RMT, I cannot say the above problems will magically disappear. Estheticians say SFL is a rejuvenating technique that replaces botox and injectables. However, I believe SFL is a healthy addition to caring for your beautiful face. My clients see visible results in their appearance but also feel better about themselves for deciding to care about an area they look at daily in the mirror.

Lines, drooping, sagging, and more

As for those lines and problem areas, the external face and neck are treated for 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of intra-oral massage to the cheek and mouth area. Tense nodules in overly toned muscles and tissues are kneaded, restricted fascia and skin is lifted, and lines are manipulated and softened.

“To do this technique properly, you must always do it beautifully with honesty and pure intention.”

Yakov Gershkovich, renowned Russian esthetician and developer of SFL

Reasons to Book SFL

For a non-invasive face ‘lift’, the RMT way

SFL is a hands-on-only therapy that aims to lift and address muscle and tissue imbalances of the neck and face, improve skin health, encourage lymphatic drainage, and soften the signs of aging. It’s a gentle method that relaxes, promotes well-being, and boosts confidence.

For the feeling of relaxation

The intention is to lift and affect the proprioceptors of the muscles and connective tissue deeply and profoundly, but rarely painfully. The lifting and kneading movements are rhythmical and constant. Unscented shea butter provides enough slide to perform the technique as it needs to. The treatment finishes with a scalp massage and a hot towel on the face and décolletage.

To give you a healthy glow

SFL stimulates the lymphatic system to drain excess fluid and waste, allowing blood circulation to deliver micronutrients. Your skin will be healthier-looking, more hydrated, contoured, and less puffy.

For the therapeutic benefits

SFL can be therapeutic for the following conditions: post-stroke or other palsy causing the face to sag with inactive muscles; non-inflamed sinusitis and sinus congestion; jaw tension; headaches; and more.

SFL is a caring gift for yourself. You will feel invigorated, relaxed, lifted, and more balanced. It’s like a gentle workout for your face!

Contraindications Is SFL Right for You?

While SFL is a gentle and beneficial therapy, it’s not a suitable treatment if you have any of the conditions below.

  • Infectious diseases
  • Herpes
  • Lymphedema or lymphatic system dysfunction
  • Chronic heart failure or other conditions affecting the lymphatic system
  • Acute or inflamed skin (cystic acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema)
  • Thyroid dysfunction, if not medicated
  • Cancer
  • Bleeding gums or gingivitis
  • Tooth pain or oral cavity infection
  • Flu
  • Pregnancy

Top 5 FAQs for Sculptural Face Lifting

  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

    You may change or cancel your appointment online up to 48 hours before your massage. You are unable to change reservations online if you are outside this 48 hour window. Please note that the office is closed on weekends, and voicemails will be listened to on the following Monday.

  • Do you offer direct billing?

    Yes, direct billing is offered for Blue Cross, the Telus Health Group, Medavie, and Sunlife, as long as:

    • Your appointment is within reception hours, and
    • You provide your insurance information beforehand

    If you forget and give your details on the day of your massage, the receptionist might be able to submit it on your behalf, but most likely will store it on file and have it ready for next time!

    Please note direct billing is not available for mobile massage treatment, but you can submit the receipt to your insurance plan.

  • How often should I get an SFL treatment?

    I recommend sculptural facelifting treatment once a week to see results, but ultimately the decision is yours. If you have a particular concern you want to focus on, a regular treatment plan, such as every two weeks, might be more effective. Many people come monthly, adding SFL to change up their standard maintenance massage approach.

  • Can I have a face massage if I have facial hair?

    I recommend a clean-shaven face or a shortly-trimmed beard. If you have too much facial hair, I cannot massage the lower half of your face nor perform the intraoral portion of the treatment effectively. These areas make up an essential component of the treatment.

  • What is intra-oral massage?

    An intraoral massage is a technique that massages the muscles and tissues inside the mouth, including the cheeks and lower jaw.

    Intraoral massage is beneficial for addressing tension and pain, teeth grinding, headaches, and people wearing braces. With SFL, I lift the neck tissue intra-orally and focus on kneading and manipulating facial muscles, lines, and connective tissue. I wear vinyl gloves and perform this technique for 15 to 20 minutes.