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Below you can find details about the treatment styles I offer.

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  • Manual Lymph Drainage

    A gentle massage technique stretches the skin in a rhythmic sequence to increase lymphatic flow.

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  • Sculptural Face Lifting

    A relaxing yet stimulating treatment of the face, neck and d├ęcolletage aiming to decrease face tension, increase blood flow, lymphatic drainage and improve overall tissue health. SFL helps create awareness of how emotions contribute to stress and changes in our appearance. The intra-oral component benefits relaxation, tense mimic muscles, and jaw tension contributing to headaches.

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  • Therapeutic Massage

    A therapeutic massage assists function and movement and alleviates pain using hands-on techniques, assessment and homecare to achieve specific health goals. Modalities include Swedish massage, stretching, deeper therapeutic techniques, assisting instruments and more to manipulate muscles, connective tissues, tendons and ligaments.

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  • Relaxation Massage

    A relaxation massage has similar therapeutic goals to a traditional massage but also focuses on helping you reach a state where you can breathe deeply, reconnect with your body, and unwind from stressful thoughts. This technique involves longer and slower massage strokes, sometimes including touch to the hands, feet, scalp and face.

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  • Post-Op Massage

    A combination of lymphatic drainage, taping, and light or deep massage techniques aim to break up dense swelling and fibrosis, decrease swelling and increase lymphatic drainage during all stages of healing after postoperative liposuction and fat transfer.

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  • Wood Therapy Massage

    A quick-paced technique involving lymphatic massage, oil and wooden tools results in a fun, relaxing, and confidence-boosting treatment. Helpful with post-liposuction fibrosis, improving connective tissue health, and post-exercise leg pain.

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  • Mobile Massage

    A massage that takes place in your home or another location of choice. Services offered include lymphatic, therapeutic, relaxation, or post-op massage for one or more people in a household or group.

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Who can benefit from massage treatment?

Everyone can benefit from a massage. Including, but not limited to, people experiencing:

  • whiplash, concussion, ligament sprain, muscle strain, and hematoma trauma
  • mental health concerns
  • chronic pain management and decreased mobility
  • work-related repetitive strain injury and postural tension
  • lymphedema, lipedema and other lymphatic conditions
  • sinusitis, facial congestion, headaches and jaw tension
  • premenstrual symptoms, including headaches, breast tenderness, constipation, fatigue, bloating and water retention
  • pre- and post-surgical care for orthopedic and cosmetic procedures
  • regeneration of tissues from scars and burns
  • general stress and burn-out
  • re-introduction to safe touch
  • post-exercise muscle pain and stiffness
  • prenatal and postnatal

What to expect after a massage session

Every treatment is individual and tailored to your needs. Depending on what you present with and your specific goals, some benefits experienced with massage may include:

  • decreased pain, spasms, muscle tension and stiffness
  • improved mobility
  • supports gastrointestinal health complaints
  • less edema, improved skin health due to lymphedema and other lymphatic conditions
  • better lymphatic drainage post-op resulting in improved symptoms, including swelling, fibrosis, scar healing, and more.
  • better mental outlook and feelings of wellbeing
  • improved sleep